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Longing for Home – Kent Mayfield


October 20, 2019

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Dubuque

Kent Mayfield



Robert Weston


Out of the stars in their flight

Out of the dust we have come

Stardust and sunlight, mingling

Through time and through space


This is the wonder of time,

This is the … read more.

Diversity: Peril and Promise – Kent Mayfield

M. Kent Mayfield
Dubuque, IA
August 18, 2019


From Werner Pelz, God is No More
In the sphere of religion…even the most primitive societies have their systems of taboos and observances to make themselves secure against the unknown, to make … read more.

Promises to Keep – Kent Mayfield

Promises to Keep

Kent Mayfield

June 16, 2019

Chalice Lighting 

Words for the chalice lighting were written from the perspective of Jessica Star Rockers. Perhaps her specific memories will elicit your own. She writes,

 “Every Sunday morning growing up my father would take us to mass at St. Peter’s Catholic … read more.

Risk – Kent Mayfield


Kent Mayfield

Dubuque, Iowa

May 19, 2019


READINGS – Meditation

 Growing Light -George Ella Lyon

 I write this poem

out of darkness

To you

Who are also in darkness

Because our lives demand it.


This poem is a hand on your shoulder

A bone to touch to go with you

Through the hard birth of vision

In other … read more.

What Happened – Kent Mayfield

What Happened
M. Kent Mayfield
UU Fellowship of Dubuque
April 21, 2019


From The Message: The Gospel of John, 20: 1-21 – a translation by Eugene Patterson

Paul Van Buren, from The Secular Meaning of the Gospel, 1963

We shall summarize our interpretation of the language … read more.

Anger – Kent Mayfield


Kent Mayfield

March 17, 2019

Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship of Dubuque

Dubuque, Iowa




You do not need to know precisely what is happening or exactly where it is all      going. What you need is to recognize the possibilities … read more.

Hope – Kent Mayfield


Kent Mayfield

Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship of Dubuque

February 17, 2019




From David Richo: Five Things We Cannot Change  (2005)

In the face of life’s givens, we might take refuge of safety we devise to protect us ourselves from what we believe … read more.

Surprise – Kent Mayfield


Kent Mayfield

Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship of Dubuque

December 23, 2018


Most years, I can scarcely hear the antique words from the Book of Matthew apart from the mental images it inspires. I can hardly hear this story without seeing three boys … read more.

Enough – Kent Mayfield

M. Kent Mayfield
Sunday, November 18, 2018
Dubuque, IA


From Rachel Naomi Remen
Let me give you an image. I bought a little falling-down cabin on the top of a mountain. It was so bad that when a friend came to see it, he said, … read more.

Places – Kent Mayfield


Kent Mayfield

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Dubuque

October 21, 2018


— James Salter, from Light Years

I talk about America frequently.  We read the newspapers and watch media, after all.  I’m moreor less obsessed with the idea of your country which has, after all, meant so much to the … read more.