Water Ceremony

Though we may be social distancing, our water can still come together for the annual water ceremony, to be held September 13! The water ritual dates back to 1980 when UUs across the country were gathering for the Women and Religion Convocation. Attendees brought water from their homes to pour into a communal bowl, signifying connectedness to each other and the earth.

For our water ceremony, we ask that you collect water that is significant or symbolic to you. You may have waters of peace, joy, struggle, hope; you may gather water from your garden hose, your dog’s bowl, a summer rain storm, etc. During the service you will have the opportunity to share why the water is meaningful to you.

Collect your water, write your name on the container, and bring it to one of the following drop-off points by September 12 – if you have questions, contact Alyssa:

   Dubuque: September 6-12 there will be a box available outside the church door; or contact Wendy Woodhouse

   Bellevue: Contact Samuel Felderman

   Platteville: Contact Alyssa Zasada