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The Divine We Don’t Like – Rev. Samuel Felderman.

Our calling to see the inherent worth and dignity of all people can be really hard sometimes, especially when we are expected to see it in ourselves. Join us this Sunday as Rev. Samuel Felderman leads us in an exploration of two divine beings … read more.

Multicultural Family Center – Antonio Mouzon

Embracing Diversity and Exploring Deep Change (A Reflection on Building Stronger Communities Together): Antonio Mouzon, Director of the Multicultural Family Center, will provide insight and reflections on the importance of embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity within communities. Drawing from personal experiences and professional insights, … read more.

Creation Stories – Rev. Samuel Felderman

Movements to Remember: Creation Stories: Join us as we examine the Biblical creation story and explore the many ways our daily lives are impacted by  this ancient story. From politics and art, to marriage equality and bank loans, this service will shed light just … read more.

The Year of the Dragon – Rev. Samuel Felderman

The Year Of The Dragon: Join Rev. Samuel Felderman as we explore the meanings and myths of the upcoming Lunar New Year and reflect on the goals and dreams we have for this fresh, new year. 


Reflections on America’s Sacred Sites – Lori Erickson

Reflections on America’s Sacred Sites: Spiritual travel writer and Iowa native Lori Erickson reflects on her memoir, Every Step is Home: A Spiritual Geography from Appalachia to Alaska, exploring themes of sacred water, air, fire, and stone, and more, from the California redwoods and … read more.

Architecture & Today’s Library: Christy Monk

Christy Monk will talk about libraries of the 21st century and their relevance. She will discuss how libraries shape communities… and the future of the Carnegie-Stout Public Library.


Becoming More Fully Human

January 7: Becoming More Fully Human: Two essays will be read which offer thoughts on self acceptance, tolerance, and a sense of wonder.


Turning Points

Turning Points: Four UUFD members will speak briefly on a major turning point in their lives.  Facilitated by Ed Zaccaro. 

Holiday Music and Words

December 24: Holiday Music and Words: We celebrate the end of the year with holiday music from different faith traditions as well as some live performances from UUFD musicians and poets.