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Finding the Humor in Everyday Life – Amy Gilligan

Amy Gilligan started her journalism career 30 years ago writing a humor column. While these days she writes more about editor-ish things in the Telegraph Herald, she loves nothing more than to pen a short essay that might make someone laugh. That, she believes, is … read more.

Dubuque Schools 2023: Where are We? Where are We Going?

Dr. Kate Parks is a Sociology professor at Loras College and president of the City of Dubuque School Board. She will be addressing the challenges of K-12 education post-pandemic and the vision for the future of our local school system.


Yom Kippur – Rev. Samuel Felderman

 Yom Kippur: Presented by Rev. Samuel Felderman. The Religious Exploration Committee is looking for volunteers to cook a couple traditional Jewish dishes for a tasting after the service. Please contact Linda Ressler for details.   


Movements to Remember: Stoicism – Rev. Sammuel Felderman

Join us as Rev. Samuel Felderman continues with the second in his series on important religious and spiritual movements that have shaped our modern culture. As we explore each topic, we will reflect on how these movements still impact us today and how we as … read more.

The Golden Rule – Art Roche

September 3: The Golden Rule: Join us as Art Roche talks about his month aboard The Golden Rule, a traveling peace boat teaching about the dangers of nuclear proliferation and the history of the United States testing atomic bombs on the Marshall Islands. 

Dismantling Racism One on One

Dismantling Racism One on One: Most approaches to anti-racism focus on systemic problems in employment, education, law enforcement, mortgage lending, etc. John Stewart will describe the insights and specific practices he found in three successful attempts to dismantle the racism that was … read more.