2021 Roles and Charges for Historic Preservation and Interior Design Projects

As we take these next steps, we approach our work with openness, transparency and respect. We will undoubtedly face differences in opinions, preferences, work and communication styles. We choose to see these differences as valuable elements that will enrich and strengthen our work together – and the decisions we make. We embrace our work with gratitude, compassion and grace, for the good of our community.

UUFD Board

Members: Diane Baker, Jerry Guenther, Gail Guenther, Katie Heil, Linda Ressler, Marian Maciej-Hiner (president)

Manage the historic preservation project – overseeing working relationships with partners and work groups.  

  • Work with Gronen Restoration to develop a detailed expense budget, provide input for financial model
  • Develop an income budget to be supported through multiple sources of funding
  • Work with Fundraising Work Group to develop ongoing fundraising targets and campaigns
  • Monitor multi-year pledges from internal and external private donors
  • Engage the congregation in providing input on final project plan
  • Once final plan is approved, enter into contractual agreements with partners and contractors
  • Explore options for a bridge loan to cover expenses to be refunded through Tax Credits
  • Communicate regularly with Work Groups, congregation, partners/stakeholders – posting web updates
  • Work with Buildings & Grounds and Program Committees to prepare for disruption during construction

Construction Oversight Work Group

Members: Frank Potter; Linda Ressler; RRS Stewart; Ed Zaccaro; Joe Keyes (consultant). Co-leads: Jerry Guenther; Marian Maciej-Hiner

Work with UUFD Board and historic renovation experts to fine-tune project plans, serve as primary contact.

  • Become familiar with the scope, priorities, budget and timeline for all 3 renovation phases
  • Review project drawings and plans
  • Review income and expense budgets – including funding available and in-process
  • Review financial model for invoicing/payment of renovation initiative expenses
  • Review contracts with partners and contractors
  • Review invoices and pay applications
  • Compare construction status with budget and plans, prioritize what needs to be done, adjust budget
  • Represent the Fellowship at monthly meetings to review plans, completed work, invoices, budget
  • Make recommendations regarding how decisions will be made – who should be involved and when
  • When needed, make decisions on behalf of the Board and Fellowship
  • Determine consistent, relevant information for reports on financial and construction activity

Interior Design Work Group

Members: Sandy Nickel; Julia Omarzu; Merilyn Tommaro; Kate Tully; Sara Zaccaro. Co-leads: Diane Baker; Gail Guenther

Work with UUFD Board to furnish the interior of the UUFD in a functional and aesthetic manner.

  • The Work Group will be responsible or involved with:
    • MAIN LEVEL: Seating, Sound System, Stage Lighting, Technology, Window Coverings, Storage
    • LOWER LEVEL: Meeting Materials, Appliances, Storage Cabinets, Sound & Video System, Child Care Furnishings, Classroom Furnishings, Library Space/Shelving
  • This will include, but not be limited to:
    • Sourcing, evaluating, securing approval, and overseeing delivery/installation of new furnishings
    • Determining furnishings which do not need replacement, or can be refurbished
    • Coordinating activities with construction group
    • Working with other committees/individuals on specific projects, i.e. securing grants, A/V expertise

Fundraising Work Group

Members: Calvin Gatch; Marian Maciej-Hiner; Katie Heil, lead

Grant-Writing Team: Jean Becker; Calvin Gatch; Wendy Woodhouse, lead

Work with UUFD Board to identify fundraising needs & resources for construction and interior design projects.

  • Become familiar with financial needs for construction and interior design projects
  • Research and write proposals for relevant grant funding
  • Determine potential sources of additional funding
  • Develop plans for new campaigns to approach new or previous funding sources
  • Develop fundraising materials and resources – print, electronic, website presence
  • Maintain mailing list of prospective donors and those who have contributed (no $$ amounts)
  • Plan for donor recognition display – create a budget, solicit proposals – and plan an event