Recently, our building caught the eye of historic preservationists, including one who saw an old photo of the belfry and offered to help pay for its restoration. With the help of the wider community – we can bring this charming building back to its original spirit and beauty.

Rendering of Restoration, Heritage Works   See gallery for more photos

Original Design

The church exterior will be restored – including replication of the belfry, which was removed about 70 years ago. The limestone block foundation and basement walls will be reinforced, exterior masonry will be cleaned, repaired and repointed. Entrance doors and entryway transoms will be repaired and restored. All exterior wood surfaces will be repaired and repainted. Wood shingles on the walls and roof will be replaced. A drop ceiling will be removed to uncover the vaulted ceiling and pointed arch windows.


We currently do not have an elevator to access the lower level of the building, and the existing staircase is narrow and uneven – so the lower level is unusable for most events. We look forward to installing a lift, which will double our usable space.

Restoration Team

This project has been planned in conjunction with Heritage Works and Gronen Restoration. This team developed the cost estimates and plans. Heritage Works and Jeffrey Morton Architects have collaborated to come up with preliminary conceptual plans

Heritage Works is a historic preservation nonprofit assisting historic preservation projects in Dubuque. Gronen Restoration specializes in historic rehabilitation projects seldom approached by other developers. The Gronen Restoration team has restored nearly a half million square feet of commercial and residential space in downtown Dubuque, including Steeple Square and Schmidt Innovation Center, with costs in excess of $100 million. Gronen Restoration has the reputation of finishing projects on time and within budget.

Project Cost

The total estimated cost for the restoration project is $1.5 million:

  • $465,000 to replicate the belfry
  • $410,000 to restore the exterior
  • $625,000 to renovate the interior


We are estimating to cover the $1.5 million of project costs through multiple funding sources.  Donate today to help us reach our goal!

  • $500,000: Pledges, donations, grants, and historic tax credits
  • $1,000,000: 2:1 Challenge Match

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