Giving The A: Gaining a Grace Perspective in time of Trial – Edward Obermueller

Giving The A: Gaining a Grace Perspective in time of Trial

By Edward Obermueller, former UUFD member now living in New Jersey

What would it mean to start with a different perspective on our memories, our current trials, and our future purpose? What leads us to change our perspective, and how can we develop it further? Can we use this time to truly good ends? Let’s do some digging together around this topic (have pen & paper handy) and see how we are uniquely positioned now to experience grace, to offer it to others, and to grow in this time.

Edward’s reflection included a reflective activity, included below.


Letter #1 – Past

Dear _________ [loved one],

If I am honest, your actions caused me _________. I felt _________ . But looking back, I now see you acted out of _________ and because of _________. If you had known differently, I believe you would have _________. [continue for each emotion that arises]

I am now ready to say _________. I imagine now that you, reading this, would say _________. Thank you for being part of my life.



Letter #2 – Present

Dear _________ (someone you would like to help),

You are highly capable. I’m proud of you. You have accomplished so much! In fact we have come so far that now I think you/we can _________.

I believe in you! What do you think? I would love to explore this further. Let me know your thoughts.



Letter #3 – Future

Dear _________ [your name], [Date one year from now]

You didn’t think it was possible, but look at where you have come in one year. You surprised yourself by doing the following:

MENTAL: _________, _________, _________
PHYSICAL: _________, _________, _________
SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL: _________, _________, _________
SPIRITUAL: _________, _________, _________

What a difference giving yourself the A has made.

Your future self,