The Unitarian Universalist Ukulele Union (UUUU) hosts a one-hour ukulele strum and sing-along every Monday evening from 5:30 to 6:30pm at the UUFD church. Come every week or drop in as the spirit moves you.  The best way to improve is to play often, so here’s your chance!

How can you participate?  If you have a ukulele, just show up! All skill levels are welcome. Many beginners think a certain level of proficiency is required before strumming with others. This is not true!  Just come as you are. If you only know one chord, play that chord every time it comes around. You will soon learn another and then another and so on. We recommend that you try to learn the C chord as a starting point, then add F and G or G7.  Once you know those three or four chords, you are well on your way to playing many songs.

Much of the music we play is from The Daily Ukulele: 365 Songs for Better Living and a collection of songs members have put together.  At rehearsals you will be able to share music with another member.  If you decide to purchase the book, it is available on Amazon in a print and Kindle version, and local music stores may have it in stock.

So, bring your uke and your books when you have them. Or just bring yourself and your uke!

If you have questions, contact Bob Dunn.