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For the Love of Justice – Richard J. Van Iten

“For the Love of Justice”

A Reflection Sojourn

By Richard J. Van Iten for the Universalist Unitarian Fellowship

Of Dubuque, Iowa, 6 March, 2022


Love is what justice looks like in Public.” These are the words of Professor Cornel West. … read more.

A Brief Meditation – Helga Van Iten

Although I was born in Brooklyn, New York in early July, 1936, the vagaries of life back then were such that my mother and I were obliged to sail back to Germany in September of that same year. (My father’s return trip to New York … read more.

Recovering My Faith – Cyndi Hartley

Good morning, everyone. I’m Cyndi Hartley. I’ve been a member of UUFD for a little over a year and I’m co-chair of the Social Action Committee. I’m also a member of the Religious Exploration Committee, commonly called the RE Committee. I never thought I’d be … read more.

Meditation vs Stillness Practice – Jeff Wright

There are two very important paths to inner satisfaction that often appear the same, but are actually quite different. One is meditation, a very well-known term, and the other is Stillness Practice, a term I use in order to identify a distinctly different path.  In … read more.

Children – Samuel Felderman

Good Morning everyone. It is always such an honor to be given the opportunity to speak here at UUFD. I want to start by thanking the program committee for inviting me to share today, and extend my thanks to Jean, Tom, Bob, Amy and Marian … read more.