Building Renovation FAQ – Emerson House

In what phase is the ramp and accessible door for the Emerson House? Does Phase 1 include the cost of the ramp? Where are these activities on the timeline?

These Emerson House upgrades are not included in the 3-phase proposal for the church. There is a separate budget of $9,000 for the ramp and other possible upgrades, including an accessible entrance door and a roof over the entrance. These activities are treated separately because the Fellowship already raised $9,000 for the ramp – through donations from members & friends in 2017. The Board has requested estimates for these upgrades from the Gronen Restoration. Once we receive these estimates, we will find out when this work can be started. The Board anticipates this project could be completed by the end of the church year.

I like the idea of the porches. Do we have “in kind” services within our fellowship to make it happen?

At this point, the Board is working with the Gronen Restoration to determine if the Emerson House handicap entrance, door and roof can be completed within our $9,000 budget. If that is not the case, we will look for additional resources in the congregation to be applied to the project.

Why not more for Emerson house?

According to the historic restoration experts, the Emerson House is not as historically significant as the church building – and work done to upgrade and maintain the building would not likely be considered “historic restoration” and it would not likely be eligible for programs such as the Historic Tax Credits or grants focused on historic preservation, restoration and renovation. If the congregation would like to see upgrades and maintenance done on the Emerson House, they would be separate, stand-alone projects to be covered through our annual budget or special requests for donations from the congregation – just as we did to generate funds for the ramp/handicap entrance.