We of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Dubuque are proud to be a lay-led congregation. Lay leaders in our Fellowship are responsible for every aspect of our organization. Through volunteer committees and elected congregational boards, lay leaders manage most aspects of our Unitarian Universalist Fellowship life, including:
  • Organizing and leading worship services
  • Choosing religious education curricula
  • Building and maintaining facilities
  • Managing finances
  • Determining the congregation’s position on social justice issues
  • Determining the vision and growth of our Fellowship

As strong believers in the democratic process, being a lay-led congregation is an important aspect of our UU Fellowship of Dubuque.

You are invited to connect with congregation leaders and volunteers with any questions, ideas, concerns, compliments, etc., you may have.  Contact information can be found in the directory.


2024 Board Members

  • Marian Maciej-Hiner, President (2-year term: 2024-25)
  • Amy Ressler, Secretary (2-year term: 2024-25)
  • Jerry Guenther, Treasurer (2-year term: 2023-24)
  • Diane Baker, Trustee (1 year term: 2024) 
  • Gail Guenther, Trustee (2-year term: 2023-24)
  • Linda Ressler, Trustee (2-year term: 2024-25)

The Board meets monthly.  See Calendar for upcoming dates.


UUFD Leadership Team

The UUFD Leadership Team consists of Board members and committee chairs.  This group works together to lead the congregation in new ways of connecting and operating.


Committee Chairs & Members

See Committees page.



See Volunteers page


2020 Leadership Retreat Attendees
2020 Leadership Retreat with Board and Committee Chairs/Representatives
Front Row: Katie Heil, Marian Maciej-Hiner, Nancy Turner, Sheila Schaul, Alyssa Zasada, Calvin Gatch
Back Row: Craig Reber, Gene Schaul, Frank Potter, Gail Guenther, Jerry Guenther